Our Strategic Vision, Mission and Core Values

Strategic Vision:

In an everchanging world, the methods of higher education, technology and the needs of our society is constantly changing.

Our vision is only bounded by our commitment to excellence as we strive to anticipate the future and challenges ahead to provide timely and sustainable solutions in education, research and service in all engineering fields that are within our specialization area.


College of Engineering at Bartın University provides educational, scientific and technologic leadership to the people of Bartın and the world. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for all by developing intellectually curious and socially conscious minds, creating collaborative solutions to technical problems, as we promote an inclusive and innovative community of service and leadership for the common good.

  • In undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education, our aim is to prepare our students for productive careers and amplify their potential for lifelong personal and professional growth;
  • In the conduct of research with emphasis on applied technologies, our aim is to promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary efforts encompassing sciences, engineering, infrastructure systems, energy, environment, computing, communication technologies and management;
  • In service to its urban environment and broader society of Bartın, the nation and the global community, our aim is to conduct public policy studies, make our educational system widely available, and initiate community‐building technological innovations;
  • In contributing to economic development of Bartın our aim is to work with the state’s business incubator system and contribute to the workforce development, joint venture activities with the government and the business community through the development of intellectual property and technical solutions.

Core Values:

Our core values reflect our beliefs, they guide our behavior and shape our culture. In so doing, they are embedded in our sense of service to our community, common purpose and student focus.

Excellence: We innovate in the pursuit of excellence in all that we do and continue to improve in order to meet and sustain the highest standards of performance.

Integrity: We are honest and ethical in all we do, we keep our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes.

Civility: We treat each other with respect, with civility and with dignity.

Social Responsibility: We pride ourselves in being an engaged partner in enhancing in the communities in which we live.

Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of our community and are sensitive to cultural and personal differences. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form.

Communication: We strive to share information and understand each other’s perspective.