Message from the Dean of College of Engineering

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students

I am delighted and honored to join the ranks of the faculty at Bartın University (BU) as the Acting Dean of the College of Engineering. Established in 2008, BU is a young university within the Turkish educational system. Its primary goal is making significant contributions to the educational and research enterprise of Turkey. In my opinion, this is not a difficult task to achieve given our outstanding faculty and staff members, bright students, alumni, as well as our exceptional (new) facilities and the committed support of the citizens and the industrial complex that is flourishing in Bartın.

I believe each of us is unique. In that regard BU community provides an enriching and diverse environment. We all have unique talents, education, opinions, values, aspirations and goals, and thus we all have unique contributions to make to Bartın University. Bartın University will become a better educational institution and research enterprise, and a better place to work if-and-only-if we accept our differences and make an effort to contribute to this institution at all levels.

Thus, diversity is going to be the hallmark of the College of Engineering at Bartın University – as we go about our daily life at this institution, appreciation and acceptance of our diversity will make our pursuit of excellence even more productive and rewarding.

In partnership with our colleagues at other colleges of BU, we will build our community to address the complex issues and challenges of Turkey and the world through education, technology and innovation we will generate at BU. As we advance the boundaries of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and its applications, and the inclusion of the outcomes of these research findings into our curriculum, our goal is to develop intellectual resources and turn them into applications to address the problems facing our society and industry over the next millennium.

Lifeblood of an educational institution is the pursuit of new knowledge through innovation, new technologies and new solutions to improve human life and provide support for our society. We never know where the next great invention or idea will come from. But we do know that it will most likely emerge when people of diverse backgrounds and experiences work together. At BU my primary goal is to lay the necessary grounds for the creation of a community of scholars with shared resources and shared benefits for the advancement of technology through education, research and innovation such that anyone with an aptitude and desire to learn and contribute to the engineering field will want to come to BU to achieve their dreams.

Come and join us as we create sustainable value through education, research and innovation to inspire the dreams and contribute to the development of the minds of the younger generation, as we ignite curiosity to quench the promise of tomorrow in the world.

As I begin my appointment as your new Dean, I wish each of you great success during the 2018 academic year and beyond.

Acting Dean, College of Engineering

Bartın University